Man Posing as Customs Officer Arrested for Scamming Victims in Tenerife

A 51-year-old man in Tenerife was apprehended by the Civil Guard for impersonating a customs agent and defrauding four individuals of 19,255 Euros. The victims were led to believe that he had goods confiscated by the Treasury for sale.

The suspect, a resident of Santa Cruz de La Palma, faces charges of continuous fraud and impersonation of a public official.

The victims reported falling prey to the scam by the fake customs agent, who claimed he could facilitate the acquisition of seized goods in exchange for 19,255 Euros.

During the arrest, the alleged fraudster was found in possession of 4,805 Euros in cash, fraudulent documents, a Customs ID badge, law enforcement-themed keychains, two mobile phones, and a pendrive. Furthermore, the perpetrator had two outstanding arrest warrants from separate courts.

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