The PSOE insists on the inclusion of women in vice-presidential roles at the Cabildo of Tenerife

The Socialist faction at the Cabildo of Tenerife is urging President Rosa Dávila to ensure gender balance in the institution’s vice-presidencies, which are currently all held by men, by appointing at least one woman.

To advocate for this initiative, the PSOE will present a motion during the upcoming plenary session on Friday, emphasizing the importance of upholding the commitments to public equality that Dávila has previously highlighted, as the first female president of the Cabildo.

The PSOE aims to achieve a minimum percentage of gender representation balance at this level and avoid having any gender exceeding 60% or falling below 40% of the representation.

Socialist councilor Marián Franquet commented, “The presence of women in leadership should not be an isolated accomplishment. While we have a female president, the progress must continue at all levels of the island government.”

In addition to the gender balance issue, the PSOE also expressed concerns about the alliance between the government group and VOX, a party with far-right affiliations, and its impact on equality policies and the protection of women from gender-based violence.

Furthermore, the PSOE criticized President Rosa Dávila for reducing the resources for equality and gender violence, as well as for restructuring the equality department’s organizational hierarchy within the Cabildo.

The political party also highlighted the government’s failure to nominate a woman for the Canary Awards.

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