‘Le pharaon, le sauvage et la princesse’, animated film in the French film cycle of the Círculo

Friendship Circle XII of January programs ‘Le pharaon, le sauvage et la princesse’ within its French film series. An animated film designed for children given the proximity of the Christmas holidays. The event will take place on Tuesday, December 5, at 7:00 p.m., in the theater of the Recreo headquarters in the capital, located on Ruiz de Padrón Street. Admission will be free until capacity is reached.

To organize this activity, the Círculo has the support of the French Alliance of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Institut Français Cinema, a product of the agreement between the French entity and Santa Cruz. The film will be shown in its original version with subtitles.

‘Le pharaon, le sauvage et la princesse’ is a creation from 2022, 80 minutes long. Directed and scripted by Michel Ocelot, the music is Pascal Le Pennec. We are talking about a Franco-Belgian co-production, by Artemis Productions, Nord-Ouest Films and Studio O.

It is about three stories, in three eras and three universes: an epic of ancient Egypt, a medieval legend of Auvergne and an 18th century fantasy with Ottoman costumes and Turkish palaces. Stories to let yourself be carried away by dreams filled with splendid gods, disgusting tyrants, cheerful vigilantes, cunning lovers, princes and princesses doing whatever they want, in an explosion of color.

Michel Ocelot (Villefranche-sur-Mer, 1943) is the author of other animation films such as ‘Kirikú and the Witch’ or ‘Azur & Asmar’.

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