The Canarian Government delivers a house adapted to the family of Hugo, the young man who became a quadriplegic when he jumped into the sea in the Puertito de Güímar

Hugothe 16-year-old boy who suffered an accident in the Little port of Güímar, Tenerife, together with her mother, claimed an adapted home after losing almost all of her mobility in the incident. Mother and son had moved to Gran Canaria so that the minor could be treated in the Spinal Cord Injury Unit of the Insular-Maternal and Child Hospital. During the process, they lived in a shared apartment set up by the Red Cross.

Jennifer de la Rosa has recounted on several occasions that her son Hugo has a 93% disability and that until the end of last October he asked for euthanasia, now he affirms that “he is struggling physically and psychologically.” She has had to leave her job to dedicate herself exclusively to taking care of Hugo and has been forced to leave her other son in Tenerife.

The mother asked for an adapted home in Tenerife for when her son could return, after months without a response they decided to go to the Diputación del Común to mediate her request. Now, the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Canary Islands Housing Institute (Icavi) and in collaboration and coordination with the public company Visocan, has offered a house from the Canary Islands Government housing stock to Hugo.

This home is located in a development in the Los Andenes neighborhood and has been transferred to the family by Visocan, provisionally, until Icavi assigns it a permanent home in its public park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The director, Maribel Santana, has informed this Wednesday in a meeting with the mother of the minor that the technicians of the institute have located this house that is located on the first floor with an elevator.

After the family accepts this option, Icavi, in coordination with Visocan, will begin to carry out the work to adapt the home to the mobility needs of the minor. At this meeting, the director also informed Jennifer de La Rosa that given the particular situation of the family, the Institute will offer them a subsidy to pay the rent for this house while the construction of a new development of the public park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, collects a note from the regional government.

Through the 2020-25 Canary Islands Housing Plan, it is estimated to increase the public park of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, so Santana has already advanced the family the possibility of moving them in the future to an adapted home that corresponds to a public promotion.

During this day, the director of the Icavi, in agreement with the counselor Sebastián Franquis, has also met with Miguel Plana and his family, to analyze the possible housing alternatives available to the public park on the island of Gran Canaria to attend to their special situation also related to problems in finding a house adapted to their conditions of reduced mobility. In this way, it is expected to give a favorable response to the young man and his family in the near future.

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