The University Hospital of the Canary Islands, recognized as a “safe” health center

He University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC) has been accredited as safe hospital by the Spanish Safety Notification System in Anesthesia and Resuscitation (SENSE), thus acknowledging the work carried out by the professionals of the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation service and the Nursing staff of the surgical block of the hospital to guarantee patient safety.

The Hospital entered SENSAR in 2019 and since then the number of annual notifications in the system has increased significantly, evidencing a remarkable commitment of professionals to patient safety.

This work is coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of analyzers from the Anesthesiology service, Jessica Hernández, Beneharo Darias and Antonio Rodríguez as head of the service, the Security nurse, Flor Sánchez, and the head of the Quality Unit service, Javier Duque.

The objective of this team is to disseminate and promote the safety culture as well as guarantee it in the perioperative setting by implementing safe practices according to European safety standards, which include the analysis of incidents reported through a portal designed for this purpose. Incident analysis is the basis for the development and implementation of corrective measures aimed at avoiding the repetition of incidents that can occur recurrently.

This certification rewards services that try to reduce the risk of patient safety incidents by reporting them by professionals involved in the care of surgical patients in the operating room, perioperative critical care and pain treatment in Spanish hospitals.

The Spanish Anesthesia and Resuscitation Safety Notification System is a work network of health professionals that works to promote patient safety through learning from incidents for patient safety, teaching, diffusion of the safety culture, innovation and the creation and participation of work networks with collaborators.

This incident communication and analysis system allows learning from mistakes instead of penalizing them. In this way, measures can be developed and implemented to correct the factors that may have contributed to the occurrence of the reported incident.

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