Off-duty Policemen Capture Suspect in Tenerife Car Theft Case

Off-duty officers from the National Police have apprehended a 42-year-old man suspected of committing a robbery in the La Gallega neighbourhood of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The man is accused of stealing from parked cars.

The policemen recognised the man from previous encounters while he was seen loitering with a screwdriver among the parked vehicles on El Relente street, as stated by the security forces on Monday.

The officers witnessed the man attempting to break into a vehicle with a screwdriver in hand, and upon realizing he had been spotted, he fled the scene, according to the police report.

Following a short pursuit, the police managed to identify and subsequently arrest the suspect, upon discovering that two vehicles showed signs of attempted break-ins by the individual.

Furthermore, a quick search led to the discovery and retrieval of a bag that presumably belonged to one of the vehicles, containing personal belongings.

The arrested individual, after being taken to the police station for questioning, has been handed over to the appropriate judicial authorities for further investigation.

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