The PSOE wants to reissue a progressive pact in La Laguna and the PP hopes to scratch a Vox councilor

The PSOE of La Laguna (winner of the elections with ten councillors) officially began negotiations on Monday to close a government pact for the city. His preferred option is to reissue an alliance with Unidas Sí Podemos (two councilors), for which the support of Drago would also be needed (also with two councilors).

Majority of the left in La Laguna: the PSOE wins and Alberto Rodríguez's project bursts with two councilors

Majority of the left in La Laguna: the PSOE wins and Alberto Rodríguez’s project bursts with two councilors


Negotiations in La Laguna may be lengthened by the PP’s fight to obtain a fourth councilor. Ana Zurita (PP) explains that her party claimed before the Electoral Board that several Vox ballots be declared invalid (which broke into this City Hall with two representatives). The popular ones maintain that ballots appeared that were not those ratified before the Electoral Board and that they should be invalidated.

For the moment, the Electoral Board has dismissed this request from the PP, which assures that it is not giving up and that it will present an appeal before the Central Electoral Board, in Madrid. “They are ballots that have other characteristics; they are numbered, they appear with different headings… these ballots were considered invalid at some tables and not at others and what we are fighting for is that they be considered invalid at all the tables where those ballots appeared”, remarks the councilor elect.

He insists that his objective is that “justice and transparency” be done, because “we must be rigorous in the electoral processes.” “If the law says that some ballots have to be validated, they have to be validated and comply with the rules,” he stresses.

The last elected councilor in La Laguna is from Drago Verdes Canarias and the closest to getting the next one is the PP. However, since what is sought is that these votes be annulled, Vox would be the party from which they would be subtracted (if the appeal before the JEC is successful) and the councilor of Drago Verdes Canarias would not be the last councilor, but the penultimate . Therefore, the councilor that the PP could win would be to the detriment of one of the far-right formation.

Round of contacts of the PSOE

The organization secretary of the socialists in La Laguna, Óscar Olave stresses that this Monday the official negotiations began. This is also confirmed by United Sí Podemos, which also advocates reissuing this alliance. The negotiating teams are already preparing a battery of proposals for the minimum programmatic agreement.

With Drago Verdes Canarias there has not yet been a formal meeting, but there have been telephone conversations, both forces assure, which clarify that a face-to-face meeting has yet to be defined.

The party led by Alberto Rodríguez indicated last week that it is in a position to talk with both forces and thus avoid a right-wing pact. However, he did clarify that a series of conditions must be met, such as declaring La Laguna as a stressed area (based on the new Housing Law) or advances in Social Services and Education.

The PSOE, as the winning force, will continue the formal round of contacts this Wednesday with the Canary Islands Coalition and the PP, and in no case will it speak to Vox. Ana Zurita pointed out during the morning of this Monday that she had not yet called any party, but she insisted that having four councilors would place them in a better disposition of forces.

In any case, the negotiation of La Laguna is going to slow down due to this appeal by the PP, which may take a week to resolve.

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