Tenerife will have a new public health center in the south of the island

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands plans a new health center for the town of Costa Adeje, in the Tenerife municipality of the same name, which already has a functional plan and which will be located on a plot of about 6,000 square meters donated by City Hall.

The health center will have a total constructed area of ​​3,655 square meters and will represent a new Basic Health Zone for Costa Adeje, which has a population of 16,004 residents and a population increase of 3.37% since 2015, according to reported this Monday the Ministry of Health.

The plot that will house the future health center was visited this Monday by the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, along with the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the regional department said.

According to the Ministry, the functional plan contemplates the needs of these primary care units, the spaces for the Mental Health Unit, currently in municipal premises, and those of a newly created physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit.

The new center will have an entrance area, an administrative area and a general care area, three pediatric consultations and three pediatric nursing, a women’s care area with a midwife’s consultation and a multipurpose room, an oral health area with a dentistry and dental hygienist consultation.

It will also have four physiotherapy consultations and one rehabilitation consultation, ten family medicine consultations and ten nursing consultations, a social worker consultation, an affective-sexual care consultation, and an ECG consultation, as well as an emergency area, services and staff.

The Minister of Health specified during the visit that the geotechnical and topographical studies of the soil have already been carried out and the file has been prepared to be able to tender, at the beginning of next year, once the Investment Budgets for 2023 are approved, the drafting of the Execution project that must collect all the specified spaces.

This new facility will allow responding to the increase in needs and services derived from the increase in population in the municipality and the limitations of the current Adeje Health Center, he added.

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, recalled that in the municipality there are “historic and very important demands to be resolved”, such as this second health center, for which the land has already been ceded “and which has been waiting for 15 years”. for its construction.

“We know that the Ministry’s roadmap is solving this and other similar problems that should improve the lives of our people and something as important as health care. The counselor works in this line and we know that there will be good news soon, ”said the mayor.

In parallel to the construction of the new infrastructure and the forecasts for the area, the General Directorate of Assistance Programs plans to unfold the current Basic Health Zone of Adeje, which encompasses the entire municipality with a total of 47,204 attached health cards with data from October 2022, of which 38,010 correspond to the Adeje Health Center and 9,194 to the Armeñime Local Clinic.

Therefore, it is planned to create a new basic health area of ​​Costa Adeje, which would include the population centers of Playa del Duque, La Caldera, Ifonche and Benítez and the part of Playa de Las Américas, made up of San Eugenio Bajo, San Eugenio Alto , Costa Adeje, Miraverde and Playa Fanabe.

Costa Adeje is an area of ​​expansion with a large number of displaced people as it is a tourist spot, both for nationals and foreign visitors, which gives rise to a large floating population, recalls the Ministry.

The other basic area of ​​Adeje will serve the remaining nuclei of the municipality, such as Adeje Casco, La Caleta, Fañabé, Armeñime, El Puertito, Tijoco Bajo, Tijoco Alto, Ricasa, Marazul, Callao Salvaje, Las Moraditas, Los Menores, Taucho and The fifth.

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