Five people are affected when a building catches fire in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Five people have had to be treated when a house caught fire in a building located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as reported by the Emergency and Security Coordination Center (Cecoes) 1-1-2 and the Local Police.

The event occurred shortly before 09:00, when the 1-1-2 operating room received an alert informing of a fire declared in a house on Puerto de la Cruz street, in the capital of Tenerife.

Firefighters extinguished the flames and ventilated the building. Members of the Local Police and Civil Protection were in charge of evacuating the residents of the building and collaborating with the emergency services displaced to the place.

The SUC staff assisted a total of five people, although only four required transfer to a hospital, two of them with moderate injuries and the other two with minor injuries. The National Police collaborated with the rest of the emergency resources.

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