Yes You Can, IU and Podemos convene the Canarian left in Tenerife to take stock and look at the electoral future

The Canarian left deepens its institutional work in the IV Assembly of Elected Officials of the Canary Left which is celebrated this Saturday in Tegueste with the motto share future summoned by Sí se puede, IU and Podemos.

Alberto Rodríguez presents the Drago project, the political tool with which he plans to contest the elections

Alberto Rodríguez presents the Drago project, the political tool with which he plans to contest the elections

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About a hundred participants from ten organizations (institutional officials, electoral candidates and advisers) evaluate the achievements made so far in the development of their political programs and the work necessary to promote the social, economic and cultural transformation of the archipelago.

In addition to the organizers, members of the Initiative for La Orotava (IPO) are invited; Unified Assembly of the People, of San Juan de la Rambla; Ando Sataute, from Santa Brígida; Initiative for La Gomera; Green Equo Canary Islands, More Canary Islands, Initiative for El Hierro and Dragon Projectwhich complete the list of organizations summoned to this joint reflection on the contents, working methods and scope of the policies that can be promoted from the institutions.

The meeting, which runs from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., is organized into six thematic work tables to address the different spheres where it is, in the opinion of the organizers, “essential” to contribute creative proposals, based on the territory, based on municipalist, for a transformation of Canarian society that takes into account the most vulnerable people and all the islands and municipalities without distinction, explain the organizers.

Table one will be dedicated to the economic model and employment; the second table, housing and sustainable tourism; the third, to the defense of the public; the fourth, to sustainability and the climate emergency; and the sixth, to the construction of a diverse society, while table five, with the title shared horizonwill deal with the creation of a common and shared program and the formulas to advance in the construction of unitary processes that strengthen policies in favor of the Canarian people and communication between the different organizations.

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