The Prosecutor’s Office asks for seven years in prison for a man who tried to kill another with a screwdriver in Tenerife

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife requests a seven-year prison sentence for a man for trying to kill another with a screwdriver during a fight outside a bar in the island’s capital.

The summary, collected by Europa Press, indicates that the defendant went to the bar to attack the victim and in the middle of the brawl he took a screwdriver that had fallen from a suitcase and stuck it in his right side, at the height of the chest.

The man began to bleed profusely and was assisted by security guards in the area, who called an ambulance.

Due to the attack, the man suffered injuries to the right hemithorax, with associated pneumothorax, which required surgical intervention “which, if it had not occurred, could have caused death,” says the Prosecutor’s Office.

The man was hospitalized for three days and took a total of 140 days to fully recover from the wounds, leaving behind a scar of approximately one centimeter.

The Prosecutor’s Office considers that the facts constitute a crime of attempted homicide and also requests the prohibition of approaching the victim within 500 meters, that it cannot be communicated five years after the prison sentence and compensation of €9,900.

The trial is held next Wednesday, at 10:00 am, in the fifth section of the Provincial Court.

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