Chanel is already rehearsing its show for Carnival in Tenerife

Rarely do you have the opportunity to attend rehearsals by a choreographer of the caliber of Kyle Hanagami. The Gala dance team, Juan Manzano and his assistant Patricia López, Enrique Camacho and a select group of people who will participate in the Election Gala of the Carnival Queen of Santa Cruz de Tenerife next Friday, June 10, they have had the privilege of observing how a choreography like that of SloMo and discover the tremendous strength and professionalism of chanell Terrero and his dancers on stage.

Neither the hours of travel that the choreographer had behind him, nor the hours of the plane that the Chanel team brought with him could not cope with the team. They all came punctually to their appointment on the stage of the Fairgrounds to perform more than two hours of rehearsal for a show that will have little to do with the one that could be enjoyed during the Eurovision broadcast. It is a cohesive group, very well matched both in professional and personal aspects and with the clear objective of giving everything possible and more for the Election Gala of the Carnival Queen.

Not only will the impressive stage play an essential role in the proposal that will be offered next Friday, “it is wider than Turin,” Chanel commented upon seeing it for the first time; rather, the programming of lights and effects planned by technician Juanjo Beloqui will be an essential part of the show that will be offered while the public votes for her favorite candidate. In short, the proposal prepared by the artistic direction team of the Carnival has been very well received by the artist and her group.

Chanel has already shown on its social networks that it is working in Tenerife, but still without revealing anything that it is preparing to surprise the Tenerife, national and international public that will see the gala live on Canarian Television and the international channel of Spanish Television.


Born in Havana, when she was three years old her family moved to Spain. From the age of nine, she received singing and acting lessons, and ballet lessons according to the Royal Academy Of Dance system. At sixteen she began to take her first steps in the world of musical theater. Chanel she moved to Madrid to start her career as an actress and she became known throughout the 2010s participating in different musicals, highlighting Mamma Mia!, Flashdance, The Bodyguard Y The Lion King.4

Everything that has to do with his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is now history. He obtained third place with 459 votes (231 from the jury and 228 from the televote), for which he broke the record for points in Spain in the contest, and placed in the best position in the country since the 1995 edition. In addition, he beat another national brand in Eurovision by achieving nine maximum scores: eight from the jury and one from the Greek televote.

Kyle Hanagami

Kyle Hanagami is a choreographer and creative director from Los Angeles who has become one of the most sought after talents in the industry. He has choreographed for artists such as Black Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, CNCO, Justin Bieber, and NSync, and for spots for world-renowned brands such as Nike, Disney, and Calvin Klein. With numerous viral dance videos of him and holds the title of YouTube’s most viewed choreography video of all time. Kyle Hanagami has become the bridge between the entertainment industry and the digital world, creating captivating choreography that can be recognized everywhere.

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