One person arrested and another 10 are investigated for the alleged theft of eight tons of avocados from farms in Tenerife

The ROCA Team, specialized in the investigation of agricultural and livestock theft, has carried out an operation called Reed Norte, against theft in agricultural holdings, specifically farms mainly producing avocados, the investigation began in March 2021, concluding with the arrest of one person and another ten investigated as alleged perpetrators of various crimes against property in the agricultural field.

The crimes were carried out in the municipalities of Tacoronte, Buenavista del Norte, Icod de los Vinos and San Cristóbal de la Laguna, more than 8,000 kilos of avocados have been stolen from six farms, amounting to some 32,000 euros, in addition of the significant damage caused to the infrastructure of the farms.

To commit criminal offenses, those under investigation acted in broad daylight in different time slots, but always taking into account the work and transit hours of the party members and owners affected.

The alleged perpetrators are residents of the municipalities where the thefts were carried out, so taking advantage of their knowledge of the areas and the agricultural plots, they accessed them through the most vulnerable areas of the farms, where they could hardly be seen, reaching to scale walls or breaking the perimeter fence. In addition, some of the plantations were continuously attacked, which caused a deterioration in the fruit trees, damaging the crop and making it impossible for the avocados to flower again, which represents an added cost to the economic losses.

During the operation, up to 26 greengrocers and grocery stores in the northern zone have been inspected, in order to carry out rigorous control over the sale of avocados.

The detainee, together with the proceedings carried out, has been brought to justice in the Investigating Courts of Icod de los Vinos and San Cristóbal de la Laguna.

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