intercepted a boat with 1.6 tons of hashish in Radazul waters

The Civil Guard has located and boarded a pneumatic boat that was transporting 1,628 kilograms of narcotic substances, specifically hashish, divided into 50 bundles when it was sailing the waters of Tenerife, proceeding to the arrest of the three occupants of it.

According to the Benemérita, the Tenerife Maritime Service (SMP) received during a night service a communication from the Central COS about a possible suspicious vessel, which was detected through the SIVE near the coast of Boca Cangrejo and Playa la Nea, on the south coast near Santa Cruz de Tenerife, sailing without lights and at a speed of seven knots.

For this reason, the agents went to the place in a semi-rigid maritime resource to locate it, observing a boat that matched the description without being able to detect anyone inside with the naked eye.

Once the civil guards approached the boat, they verified that there were people inside, so they proceeded to a quick boarding in order to prevent them from getting rid of the bundles they were transporting, as well as satellite mobile phones, GPS, laptops, fuel drums, among other material.

The agents thus proceeded to arrest the individuals who were on the boat, requesting support for the transfer to the port of both the boat, the material and the detainees.

In the intervention they have been able to seize 50 bales of hashish (1,628 kilograms), a Narwhal inflatable boat, two outboard motors, several satellite mobile phones, both portable and fixed GPS, and other materials.

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