83 illicit origin mobile phones confiscated at Tenerife North Airport

The Civil Guard is looking into an individual accused of receiving stolen goods after seizing a tablet and 83 mobile devices of illicit origin at Tenerife North-Ciudad de La Laguna airport, destined for Senegal.

As per the Civil Guard, officers from the Fiscal and Border Section, along with members of the Fiscal and Border Analysis and Investigation Unit at the airport, were alerted due to suspicious items found in a suitcase intended for Dakar-Senegal airport.

Upon requesting the airline to locate the owner and conducting an inspection with the passenger present, it was discovered that the checked luggage contained a tablet and 83 mobile devices wrapped in aluminum foil and grouped in packages of four, a tactic used to avoid airport security checks.

Once the devices were found and the ownership could not be verified, they were confiscated for further examination to determine their true origin.

The Fiscal and Border Analysis and Investigation Unit proceeded with investigative efforts to identify the rightful owners of the devices, revealing that many of the seized items were linked to past reports of thefts and robberies.

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