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Expressive Movement Showcase: Dancer

DATE: February 22

TIME: 20:00

VENUE: Leal Theater

Sonia Gómez from Tarragona takes the spotlight in the February edition of the Danza en Breve series, presenting her show Dancer. Gómez explores a new approach to dance, moving away from the autobiographical and theatrical elements she had been incorporating for the past decade. The performance aims for naturalness and simplicity across eight scenes, redefining the dynamics between the audience and the performers.


Inclusive Carnival

TIME: 10:00

VENUE: Plaza del Cristo

The La Laguna Cultural Carnival kicks off at 10:00 a.m. with an inclusive parade from Plaza del Adelantado to Plaza del Cristo, followed by the Inclusive Carnival featuring performances by the murga groups Los Marchosos de Acaymo and Resegura2, the troupe Joroperos, the batucada group Los Verodes, En Paralelo Danza, Mi Artefactor, and DJ VV.

Los Bambones Murga Gathering

TIME: 20:00

VENUE: Plaza of the parish of Santa María Madre de Jesús del Cardonal

The plaza of the parish of Santa María Madre de Jesús del Cardonal will host a gathering organized by the acclaimed murga group Los Bambones, featuring performances by Las Chaladas and Los Diablos Locos.

Recital by Carlos Varela

TIME: 20:30

VENUE: Leal Theatre

Carlos Varela makes a long-awaited comeback to the Canary Islands with his show 30 years of Jalisko Park, his inaugural album, which he recorded on the islands. He comes back in grand style, with a fresh album in hand, The silent scream, and a concert that aims to reignite his connection with the local fans in La Laguna.


Family Carnival Gathering

TIME: 11:00

VENUE: Plaza del Cristo

The Plaza del Cristo is all set to welcome people of all ages for the family carnival gathering. Additionally, at 11:00 a.m., a parade will kick off involving various carnival troupes, winding its way through the centre of La Laguna from Plaza de la Concepción to Plaza del Cristo.

Mousikê Masterclass

TIME: 11:00

VENUE: Convent of Santo Domingo

The Mousikê Sociocultural Association, dedicated to musical instruction and practice, is hosting the masterclass “Discover your authentic voice” conducted by Verónica Ferreiro.

Sun Dance Family

TIME: 11:30

VENUE: Leal Theatre

The Living Arts and Citizenship Laboratory of Tenerife / TenerifeLAV and the collective for the promotion of contemporary electronic music Neeve-Micromusic are bringing back the monthly Sun Dance Family session to the Teatro Leal. Led by a professional DJ and a movement instructor, the event aims to educate both young and old on maintaining their well-being through movement and dance.

Rondallas Festival

TIME: 18:00

VENUE: Leal Theatre

Following a procession through the streets of La Laguna between the Orfeón de La Paz and the Teatro Leal, the rondallas will grace the stage to deliver several musical performances at the iconic cultural venue.

Cultural Carnival Race

TIME: 18:00

VENUE: Plaza del Cristo

The Plaza del Cristo will set the stage for the cultural carnival race.

Take note of these dates and make sure not to miss out on the fantastic events happening in La Laguna!

The Inaugural La Laguna Cultural Carnival Runway. It brings a contest for children and another for adults who will showcase their finest fantasies.

Unveiling Virginia Valls

TIME: 20:00

PLACE: Unión Tejina Theater

Teatroscopia company presents the story of Virginia Valls, who, in response to a unique job offer, relocates to a town where everything is not as she expects. Her new neighbours sow doubts in her mind, but the biggest enigma for her is her employer. Who is she? What does she do? Why does she visit the abbey every morning?

Spectacular Masquerade Ball

TIME: 20:00

PLACE: Leal Theater

The municipality revives the traditional Grand Masquerade Ball, formerly held at the Leal Theater, on Saturday night. Multiple orchestras will pay tribute to renowned artists such as Celia Cruz, Frankie Ruiz, or Juan Luis Guerra at the event.

Heavenly “l’Amen” Visions – Religious Music Festival

TIME: 20:30

PLACE: Church of La Concepción

The 18th edition of the Canary Islands Religious Music Festival presents Visions of l’Amen by Olivier Messiaen in La Laguna. This masterpiece, written in 1943 during the occupation of France, comprises seven meditations composed by Messiaen for the piano brilliance of Ivonne Loriod. Pianists Ernst Surberg and Esther Ropón will perform this work.

Dance of Ancestral Masks

TIME: 11:00

LOCATION: Cathedral area and surroundings of La Concepción

The Cultural Carnival concludes on Sunday, February 25, at 11:00 a.m. with Dance of Ancestral Masks in the vicinity of the cathedral and La Concepción.

The Magical Lottery Magicians

TIME: 17:00

LOCATION: Teatro Leal

The event promises illusionists practicing mentalism and, above all, abundant laughter and excitement.


Exhibition Traditional Festivals of the Canary Islands

DATE: February 15 to March 16

TIME: Monday to Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

PLACE: Convent of Santo Domingo

Within the Cultural Carnival, the Convent of Santo Domingo will host an exhibition by the documentary photographer Juan Agustín Pérez Pérez, Tingo, to keep the tradition of the Canary Islands carnivals alive.

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