Investigated for swindling more than 4,000 euros from a resident of Tenerife by pretending to be a bank advisor

The Civil Guard is investigating a young man from Granada accused of swindling more than 4,360 euros from a resident of Santa Cruz de Tenerife through the internet, a victim before whom he pretended to be an advisor to his bank who wanted to solve the problems derived from a hack of your account.

As reported by this armed force, agents of the team are investigating a 21-year-old young man with no previous record as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of fraud, perpetrated over the Internet against a resident of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The victim reported last May that he had received a text message from his bank on his mobile phone notifying him of an unauthorized charge to his account.

In that message they told him that he had to click on an attached link that directed him to the official page of his bank, after which a person who introduced himself as an advisor to his bank told him that he had been the victim of a ‘hack’ by the account like other clients.

The alleged advisor also said that loans had been requested in his name, for which money had been deposited and recommended that he make several transfers through Bizum to a telephone number to return said amount.

The victim made twelve transfers and later discovered that he had been defrauded of 4,360 euros.

Investigators from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Civil Guard found out that the money had ended up in a Granada bank account, so they contacted the Granada team.

These agents found out who the account holder was and are investigating him for fraud.

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