Experts in commercialization and digital marketing analyze possible improvements for the Canary Islands destination in Tenerife

Several experts in commercialization and digital marketing They analyzed this Tuesday in Tenerife, in a meeting called for this purpose, possible improvements to be applied to enhance the Canary Islands tourist destination. The specialists, gathered in the El Sauzal Wine Housepointed out, among other actions, the need to promote values ​​such as heritage, culture and the quality of services, in all cases to give more strength to the Canary Islands destination.

Convened by the firm Jo&Elio, a consulting firm specialized in marketing project management for tourist leisure companies and institutions involved in the development of this sector, brought together its main clients and collaborators in an event on the new strategies of the marketing.

The event took place at the Casa del Vino, in the municipality of El Sauzal, and there was a special guest, Enrique Espinel, COO of Civitatis. Espinel presented its marketing platform, which will reach 10 million travelers this year. Espinel also presented examples of how to incorporate the tourism business model into the historical and cultural heritage of the Canary Islands, to expand its visibility and generate alternative income.

The CEO of Jo&Elio, Joan Rodríguez de la Sierra, presented a diagnosis and proposals for action for the activities sector on the islands. It was widely debated by the participants, among whom were representatives of Tenerife Tourism, different town councils and private and public companies linked to tourism. The main conclusions reached were the following:

-There is more and more data that allows establishing priorities when defining a clear strategy for the sector of activities.

-For experiences to be key in the differentiation of the destination, we must work on the supply side, incorporating operators from the cultural and primary sector into the tourism business and giving visibility to a catalog, on the one hand, of differentiating activities due to their story. identity, and on the other, activities with the capacity to diversify the carrying capacity in natural spaces.

-Work must be done to improve the evaluation indices of certain categories of activities and, therefore, the quality of the services they offer. It is also essential to improve the level of digitalization in marketing and customer service.

-From the demand side, we must adapt the marketing from the destination to the reality of the experiences, empowering all actors in the marketing ecosystem.

-Companies must understand the advantages of gradually investing in the promotion of their digital assets (direct sales, customer knowledge, OTA reservation automation…) and this requires a differentiated value proposition and specialists in marketing digital that understand the specificities of the sector.

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