Two arrested during an exam to recover driving license points in Tenerife

Civil Guard agents belonging to the Research and Analysis Group of the Canary Islands Traffic Sector (GIAT), in collaboration with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, have arrested two men aged 58 and 59 for an alleged crime of documentary falsification during the theoretical test to recover driving license points.

The events occurred after the agents discovered that the person who had taken the exam to recover the validity of the driving license (after having lost all of the legally assigned points) had usurped the identity of the person who was really supposed to take it.

They suspected that a man who was taking the exam could be usurping the identity of the person who really had to be examined by raising doubts about the correspondence of the person’s physical features with the photo on the DNI of the person summoned to the test.

In order not to alter the exam process, they waited until the end of the exam to proceed to carry out the pertinent steps for the full identification of this person, verifying that he was carrying the DNI of the person who should have attended the classroom at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

Subsequently, and after carrying out the appropriate procedures, members of the GIAT located the person who had given up their national identity document, proceeding to inform them both that they were going to be arrested for an alleged crime of document falsification.

Among the functions inherent to the Traffic Research and Analysis Group (GIAT) is the inspection of theoretical knowledge tests to obtain the different driving licenses, as well as the verification and verification of the identity of its assistants to avoid, among other irregularities, identity theft.

The proceedings carried out have been delivered to the Investigative Court acting as Guard of the judicial district of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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