The Prosecutor’s Office requests 40 years in prison for nine people for drug trafficking in the south of Tenerife

The Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 40 years in prison and a fine of almost 2,000 euros for nine people accused of drug trafficking in the south of Tenerife, and whose trial will begin next week at the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In total, 32 years are requested for eight of those arrested for trafficking cocaine, two for one for doing so with hashish and marijuana, and six more for another when the aggravating factor of recidivism is added.

The arrests were the result of surveillance work established by the narcotics group of the judicial police around some apartments in Arona, where, according to various information, the substances were sold.

Following a follow-up, the nine arrests were made after it was observed that the accused were selling wrappers with quantities ranging between half a gram and a gram of cocaine with a purity that did not exceed 19%.

One of the detainees distributed hashish and marijuana, and it was found that another had a final conviction in Palma de Mallorca for that crime.

The agents entered two apartments occupied by two of the defendants, and in one of them they found ten mobile phones, a precision scale, cash, bags of marijuana, and in the other property they found plastic cuttings, supposedly to wrap the cocaine. .

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