‘Words for all’, 151 signatures of men who talk about women

‘Words for all’, by Berbel (Recopiladora), is an original Canarian literary production that brings together 151 writers who pay tribute to women with words for them, for all of them. The play will be presented this Wednesday, September 27, at 7:30 p.m., at the Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero theater on Ruiz de Padrón street in Santa Cruz.

Javier Royo debuts in the story with 'Falling in love is for idiots'

Javier Royo debuts in the story with ‘Falling in love is for idiots’


From Mercurio publishing house, the creation was released in 2023. With 99 pages, it is presented in rustic binding. María del Pino Marrero ‘Berbel’ is the ‘compiler’ of all the texts shown in the book, all men from different generations and diverse literary genres: Jonathan Allen, Ángel Sánchez, Eugenio Padorno, Carlos Álvarez, Manuel Almeida, Kiko Barroso , Yeray Rodríguez, José Luis Correa, Felipe García Landín, Emilio González Déniz, Antonio María González Padrón, Alexis Ravelo, Daniel Montesdeoca…

“The idea was to invite men to write about the feminine,” says Barbel, who has presented ‘Palabras para todos’ in her native Gran Canaria, in Madrid, in Lanzarote and will soon do so in La Palma. The Recreo will be the first presentation in Tenerife.

“I made a generic invitation. I asked them to talk about women. It is a demand for men to demonstrate against men who abuse women. I was so angry that such a demonstration seemed impossible to many of my friends that I began to scheme and this book came out. I want men to speak because they were all born from a mother and many have daughters or granddaughters,” explains Berbel.

Some texts are poems, others essays, we also find stories, narratives, anecdotes… “It is a huge sample,” comments the ‘collector’, who worked for a year to obtain all the documents.

“This is also an example of Canarianism, of our different way of describing emotions, passions. I’m not aware that this has been done before anywhere else in the world,” he adds.

Questioned about the writers’ reaction when she asked them to collaborate, she says that “it was very varied. Some told me that they didn’t understand women… One of the authors wrote about his mother-in-law, who for him was the best woman she had ever known. There were reactions of all kinds.”

The author, who emphasizes the fundamental role played by the editor Jorge Liria in the birth of this project, also recognizes that it is difficult for men to talk about this topic, although in her opinion things have changed: “I am positive, I think that every Today there is more awareness on the part of parents, teachers, etc. “Together we can make the world a little better.”

Berbel, who is also the author of the cover, talks about the emotion she felt at the presentation events, where some of those present asked to read texts from the book.

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