80 kilos of sleeves exposed for sale illegally in an establishment in Tenerife were seized

Civil Guard agents belonging to the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Command have seized 80 kilos of sleeves that were for sale illegally in a commercial establishment located in the municipality of Guia de Isora, in the south of the island.

Within the surveillance functions for the conservation and protection of nature and the environment, Seprona agents carried out random inspections in different commercial establishments in the province with the aim of preventing the theft of fruits and vegetables on agricultural farms.

During the inspection recently carried out in an establishment selling fruits and vegetables located in the town of Alcalá, Seprona agents seized 80 kilos of sleeves of alleged illicit origin, since the owner of the establishment lacked the corresponding documentation to prove the origin. legal status of the seized products.

The agents notified the owner of a complaint for violation of Law 6/2019 on agri-food quality, which in its articles 50 and 51 establishes as minor and serious violations that the fruit lacks the corresponding labeling, as well as the documentation that would guarantee the traceability of the product. that is being marketed and that protects the health of consumers.

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