Granadilla de Abona reopens its beaches, but advises against bathing in areas where there are microalgae

The Granadilla de Abona City Council has proceeded this Thursday, August 10, to open the beaches of the municipality to bathing and has lifted the ban after confirming the analyzes carried out by the local administration the good quality of the waters and that the indices of the E. Coli analyzed are well below the allowed values.

However, the consistory will keep the yellow flag up as a precaution, despite the fact that the microalgae spots “have been moving along the coast and fecal contamination has already been ruled out.” For all these reasons, users are advised not to bathe where there is a presence of floating masses of microalgae. “The town hall carries out water quality control analyzes every Monday and Thursday as a measure to reinforce the inspection carried out by the Public Health area,” they report in a press release.

“These blooms of marine photosynthetic microorganisms are a natural phenomenon that under suitable conditions proliferate rapidly and in the Canary Islands some of these conditions occur periodically due to high sea temperatures, absence of wind and episodes of haze. Most species of microalgae are not toxic and generally their presence does not pose a risk to human life or to people’s health”, they add.

The City Council proceeded on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 8, to raise the red flag and preventatively prohibit bathing on the coast after detecting a stain carried by the tide from the coast of Arico.

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