a vehicle overtakes and almost hits a cyclist head-on

A cyclist has shared on his Twitter account a recklessness at the wheel in Tenerife, which could have ended with a frontal collision between the two. The cyclist’s name is Pedro Sánchez and in the images that he himself recorded, it can be seen how one vehicle overtakes another in an area designated for this purpose, but with poor visibility as there is a bus a few meters ahead. The driver invades the lane in which the bicycle is traveling and quickly returns to his lane after meeting him head-on. Fortunately, the collision did not occur.

The event occurred on the TF-12, near the town of El Bailadero, within the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the descent from the summit, between kilometer 4 and 5. As Pedro explains to this newspaper, it is about a signposted mountain road, with a maximum speed of 60, in which the pavement is “in poor condition”. “It is one of the roads most frequented by cyclists in the area and more and more cyclists from abroad, but there is no precautionary signage in this regard,” he explains.

He has stated that he is going to report what happened to the authorities, considering that it is “a crime against road safety.” “It’s the third time something like this has happened to me in two years,” she admits. He also explains that he usually suffers incidents on the road when he is overtaken by other vehicles that do not respect the safety distance.

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