A man arrested in Tenerife for threatening his neighbor with a weapon because the dog barked

The Civil Guard has arrested a man in Güímar (Tenerife) who allegedly threatened his neighbor with a firearm because her dog was barking. Agents of the armed institute arrested this 33-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of threats, illegal possession of weapons and deposit of weapons.

The events occurred at dawn from Thursday to Friday when the defendant appeared at the victim’s home, carrying a weapon with which he threatened her while recriminating her for barking her dog. According to the victim’s version, the defendant shot her twice, without being able to hit her on either occasion.

The Service Operations Center of this Command (COS) received the alert of this event, which is why the agents immediately went to the victim’s home. Once there, they located the alleged perpetrator of the events and proceeded to arrest him, at that moment taking over the ax that he was still carrying.

Subsequently, the agents entered his home, where they found three rectified blank weapons for live fire and two 4.5 and 5.5 caliber carbines, as well as ammunition and pellets respectively. At another farm near the detainee, two more blank weapons were also intervened, also rectified for live fire, finding one of them with a bullet in the chamber ready for use.

The intervened weapons were deposited in the Weapons Intervention of the Command of the Civil Guard of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, except for the handguns that have been sent to the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police for study by the Department of Ballistics and Instrument Traces of the Criminalistics Service (SECRIM) of the Civil Guard.

The detainee, together with the proceedings, has been placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court No. 1 of Güímar.

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