Podemos asks to annul the declaration of insular interest of the audiovisual complex projected in the south of Tenerife

The insular group of Sí Podemos Canarias has requested this Thursday to the plenary session of the Island Council the annulment of the declaration of insular interest of the urban initiative Imagine Green Studios, projected by the KISS Media Group “on the largest agrarian reserve in the municipality of Adeje , located in the neighborhood of Fañabé”.

The project provides for the construction of an audiovisual complex with 19 sets in 400,000 square meters, which would generate, according to company estimates, the creation of 15,000 direct and indirect jobs. The declaration was approved in the Tenerife Cabildo with the votes of PSOE, CS, CC and PP.

Its spokesman, David Carballo, has affirmed that there is “a need to stop a new speculative attack on the territory of the island, even more so in the case of an attack at the expense of the primary sector of Tenerife. It is time for developers and public administrations to respect land uses and put an end to the logic of the pitch”.

Podemos maintains that this complex does not have a strategic nature, “an unforeseen nature or for reasons of urgency, essential elements for the approval of said interest from the Cabildo, recognized through a report from its Technical Service for Territorial Planning and Historical Heritage in a report on April 26, 2023”.

In addition, they point out the existence of “serious technical deficiencies” in the drafting of the project, warning that it could try to rely on repealed regulations (Law 3/2015, of February 9, on preferential processing of foreign investments for the Canary Islands), contravene the principle of sustainability of territorial and urban development contained in the Land and Urban Rehabilitation laws, and may also invade public spaces and have an impact on industrial heritage pending cataloging, among other issues.

David Carballo has lamented the “political blindness of the current government group”, which, in his opinion, “has restored the worst of the practices of destruction after being elected to promote an alternative.”

“In Tenerife there are dozens of industrial areas perfectly equipped to develop a project of this type. Insisting on doing it on rustic land through an unfounded redevelopment has only one name: urban hit-and-run ”, he affirms.

For his part, Gabriel González (councilor for Unidas Sí Podemos Adeje and Secretary of Civil Society of Podemos Canarias) has revealed the “astonishing capacity of the Adeje Government Board and its mayor Rodríguez Fraga to ignore the primary sector in favor of of the millionaire on duty”.

“Less than a year ago, Rodríguez Fraga wanted to destroy this land reserve by imposing a golf course that ended up knocking down the Cabildo itself. The lack of respect of this City Council in front of this sector is championship”, laments González.

For this reason, he concludes that “it is time for the City Council to dedicate the necessary resources to promote the primary sector in this area, and to abandon the racketeering mentality.”

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