The pedestrian access walkway to Charcos de Valleseco in Tenerife will be 70 meters long and will connect with the highway

The Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will resume the assembly of the northern pedestrian walkway to access the Charcos de Valleseco area next Monday, March 20, an action included in the Maritime Defense and Management project for the Charcos Area of the Functional Area of ​​Valleseco.

Puertos de Tenerife begins the conditioning works of the Valleseco coastline

Puertos de Tenerife begins the conditioning works of the Valleseco coastline


The pedestrian walkway, which will be located near the Cidemat facilities, will be 70 meters long and will connect the TF11 with the future Zona de Charcos.

In a statement, the Port Authority informs that the works will be carried out between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m., so it will be necessary to close the port service road to traffic in the section between Muelle Norte and El Bufadero.

In addition to reinforcing the signaling in the work area, the thickness of the pavement has been reduced in the section where the formwork will be installed. These actions will increase security measures and will allow gauge control to be established at 4.50 metres.

As established by Royal Decree 2822/1998, which approves the General Vehicle Regulations, the maximum authorized height to be able to circulate is precisely 4.50 meters, including the load. Vehicles that exceed this height are considered special transport, and will not be able to circulate on the section of track subject to these works while the assembly of the footbridges, the north and the south, lasts, works that will last approximately one and a half months.

The Ports of Tenerife applies this reinforcement in security and control measures after a truck bypassed the established gauge controls on February 16 and collided with the formwork of the north walkway, causing it to fall off.

Thus, the respective gauge controls will be placed at the North Dock and El Bufadero and the corresponding works signage approved by the health and safety coordinators of the joint venture that is part of the work and the Ports of Tenerife.

To try to alleviate the month of delay registered in the progress of the works, Puertos de Tenerife has acquired a second formwork that will be used to build the south pedestrian walkway, approximately 100 meters long.

Once the formwork assembly of the north gangway has been completed, barely a week later, the assembly of the south gangway will begin, the latter being erected near the facilities of the Harbor Master’s Office tower. After concreting, the structures will be removed approximately thirty days later.

It should be remembered that the execution of these works is the result of the inter-administrative agreement signed in 2019 between the Autonomous Community, Cabildo de Tenerife, Santa Cruz City Council and the Port Authority itself. The “Maritime Defense and Management Works of the Puddle Zone of the Functional Area of ​​Valleseco, phase 2”, were awarded to the Joint Venture Dragados SA/Construcciones Elfidio Pérez, SL for a budget of 13,632,573.41 euros.

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