Unidas Podemos will transfer a complaint to the French ambassador for the “profit motive” of the Rodin Museum

The spokesman for Unidas Podemos (UP) in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, Ramón Trujillo, will address a letter to the French ambassador in Spain to convey his complaints about the “excessive profit motive” of the Rodin Museum in Paris in the failed operation installation of a headquarters in the capital of Tenerife.

Chronology of a fiasco: goodbye to the museum of Rodin replicas in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Chronology of a fiasco: goodbye to the museum of Rodin replicas in Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Trujillo points out in a statement that “it is not acceptable” that an institution under the Ministry of Culture of France “try to sell copies of sculptures” to a Spanish municipality for “an excessive desire for profit that leads it to rely on appraisals far from impartiality enforceable and in the opaque proceeding of the local administration”, in this case the Santa Cruz City Council.

Those “bad practices” to which he refers include the bidding for an economic impact study that “exaggerates” the repercussion that the Rodin Museum in Santa Cruz would have had; “An improper procedure for a public institution,” he adds.

The UP spokesperson considers it necessary to “determine how, and through whom, the proposal for a Rodin Museum for Tenerife came about”, and refers to reports in the press that point to the director of a consulting company “with close ties” with Ciudadanos in Santa Tenerife cross.

And he wonders if these “clues” contributed to abort the Rodin Museum project and, if so, “what are the exact reasons”.

As it is also questioned if it was the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, who “asked” the rectors of the French entity to withdraw from the project.

In any case, “it is clear”, indicates Trujillo, that the Rodin Museum “was not interested” in appearing linked to “an opaque process, repudiated by the cultural sector and with doubts about the hidden motivations” underlying the project.

Remember that UP planned to present an appeal to the Administrative Court of Public Contracts of the Canary Islands next week to paralyze the adjudication of the purchase of copies of Rodin’s works for which they were going to “waste 16 million euros of public money”.

The purchase of these works, the UP spokesperson abounds, was based on an appraisal “lacking the required impartiality” while the economic feasibility project “was not at all credible”, and it had also been commissioned from three companies, selected by the City Council, which “share directors”.

Trujillo affirms that the project was “legally questionable” and that Bermúdez and the Rodin Museum in Paris “could not afford an imminent legal setback that would add to the opposition of the cultural sector, to the growing citizen rejection that the project was arousing, and to national ridicule. which meant going out in the state media portraying those who had put a culturet saber in Paris as provincials ”.

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