Salvar La Tejita denounces to the Ombudsman the construction of new apartments next to the Hotel de La Tejita

The Salvar La Tejita association has filed a complaint against the Granadilla City Council with the Ombudsman for the construction of the new Sotavento Suites apartment complex next to the La Tejita Hotel. Earthworks began in May 2022 and construction has been underway on the plot since August. A crane has also been erected and is currently in operation, as explained in the press release.

An environmental association takes to court the urbanization of a plot near the Hotel La Tejita

An environmental association takes to court the urbanization of a plot near the Hotel La Tejita

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In June of this year, the environmental association Salvar La Tejita asked the City Council for information on the project license, since the work did not have the mandatory sign indicating the construction license number. According to the transparency laws, the City Council had 10 days to notify the denial of the request or 30 days to comply with it, but it did neither, according to the association, which maintains that this is “an obvious cause for concern and suspicion of that the license either does not exist, or presents serious irregularities”.

On September 20, Salvar La Tejita filed a complaint with the Canarian Agency for the Protection of the Natural Environment and the Court of Granadilla de Abona (ACPM). Eight days later the work was inspected (from outside) by two ACPMN agents. Even so, they point out that “this inspection has not involved any type of control or stoppage of the works to date. The works continue without any license being shown.”

The environmental association wanted to remind that the license for the Hotel La Tejita has been denounced for alleged irregularities and will soon go to court. He assures that the Granadilla City Council itself “tried to block this court hearing alleging that Salvar La Tejita had not appealed the license within 60 days of its publication.” However, a ruling ruled in favor of the association because the City Council “never notified them of the license.”

For environmentalists, “another relevant detail is that both the mayor of Granadilla de Abona, José Domingo Regalado González (CC), and the councilor for Works, María Concepción Cabrera Venero, are charged under Art. 404 of the Penal Code – Administrative Violation and Art 432 – Embezzlement of Public Funds (Denounced by the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, Judicial Procedure No. 0000711/2021)”.

And in addition, a complaint against the mayor issued by this same organization is being processed (Preliminary proceedings No. Procedure: 0000273/2021:- the possible existence of a crime against natural resources and the environment).

Salvar La Tejita warns that it will continue to take legal action against any construction or commercial activity that causes damage to the environment in the area and that it will use all available legal instruments and mechanisms to ensure that any politician, official, architect or businessman who tries to break the laws face justice.

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