The Civil Guard investigates a man for puncturing the wheels of his neighbors in Tenerife

The Civil Guard investigates a man as the alleged perpetrator of a continued crime of damage to the vehicles of his neighbors, who, apparently, punctured the wheels.

The Benemérita indicates that the events date back to last April, when the affected neighbors reported having suffered punctures in the wheels of their cars when they were parked both in the community garage where they lived and on public roads.

After this apparently punctual event, the same neighbors continued to suffer punctures in the subsequent months of May, July and August, to which certain damage to their homes was also added.

The investigation by the Civil Guard was able to locate and identify the person under investigation, who had apparently on some occasions addressed several neighbors making gestures and uttering threatening phrases.

The proceedings instructed, has been made available to the Güímar Guard Court of Instruction.

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