Several groups ask the pilot Carlos Sainz and the journalist Antonio Lobato to withdraw their support for the Tenerife circuit

Eight citizen groups have addressed an open letter to the pilot Carlos Sainz and the journalist Antonio Lobato in which they ask them not to support the Tenerife motor circuit project that is presented on Tuesday and that, in their opinion, is causing “an important fracture in public opinion in Tenerife”.

CC-PNC demands to know the promotion expenses of the Tenerife Motor Circuit

CC-PNC demands to know the promotion expenses of the Tenerife Motor Circuit

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The letter is signed by the Tenerife Friends of Nature Association (ATAN); Ecological Association Salvar La Tejita-Recovering natural spaces; Tegüico Heritage Association; Assembly in Defense of Our Land (ADNT); Federation Ben Magec Ecologists in Action; Canarian Environmental Coordinator; Telesforo Bravo Juan Coello Foundation and Los Silos Platform.

The text indicates that this Motor Circuit that they are coming to present next Tuesday “with all their best intentions”, will be financed with public funds (about 80 million euros) and on land of high environmental sensitivity.

He adds that for “many candidacies”, the promise of this sports infrastructure has been used as an electoral trick by different political parties that have tried to take advantage of the illusion of motor fans to get votes every time the elections approached.

“We want to warn you that next Tuesday they will be used (as the media figures that they are) by the island’s political leaders to sponsor the umpteenth deception of motor fans,” adds the letter, which adds that this project has not yet passed the demanding processing process. of permissions that it needs to be executed, which has been unresolved for many years.

“If this turns out to be (as many fans fear) another false promise, you will unfortunately be running the risk of being remembered as participants in a sad populist propaganda,” states the letter made public today.

These groups recognize the potential that motor sports have, the social mass that they move and the solvency of the companies that involve it, and “that is why we believe it is perfectly feasible to find a private investor that satisfies the demands of the fans of Tenerife and take the opportunity to build a regulated motor circuit on this island”.

He adds that if a less impressive location is sought and promoted by private capital, “that point of consensus can be reached and without a doubt this infrastructure will be well received by the population of the island”.

In the opinion of these groups, Canarian society is at the bottom of the country in terms of unemployment, school performance, salaries, population at risk of exclusion, so it would be more urgent to direct these public funds to other budget items “on which many depend. families and small businesses to be able to get ahead.”

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