Puerto de la Cruz declares the Iders building in “imminent ruin” due to its risk of collapse in the tourist center

The City Council of Puerto de la Cruz has convened this Tuesday in its plenary hall the owners of the iders building to hold a meeting with Mayor Marco González and Sustainable City Councilor David Hernández, to explain the details of the management that is being carried out in an unprecedented administrative process in the city that seeks to respond to all those affected by this problem that dates back more than 30 years and that has led to declaring it in “imminent ruin”.

This declaration of imminent ruin has its origin in the real danger that the property presents, abandoned since 1991 when aluminosis was detected. Thanks to it, actions will be carried out urgently to guarantee the habitability of the property, which is at risk of collapse, or speed up its demolition. For the declaration of this class of ruin, the presence of a report from the competent municipal technicians is necessary.

Within this process, the local government underlines in a press release “the coordination between municipal areas that includes the Social Law area to offer alternatives to the social problems of the building’s occupants, the Community Welfare area that initiated the procedures for cleaning the interior of the building after the declaration of insalubrity requested by the City Council and the Sustainable City and Planning area that since last March has worked on the declaration of imminent ruin of the building.

All this to provide a comprehensive solution to the different open fronts that have been opening up over the three decades since the eviction. “With the call for this meeting we follow a roadmap that wants to be transparent, informing the owners of the effects that are deduced from this declaration, to which is added the work that we have been developing with the Street Intervention Unit, lowering the number of people who are illegally occupying the property, so that the new actions that will be activated this week are socially effective”, explained the mayor.

Councilor David Hernández advanced that “taking into account the multitude of antecedents in unfinished administrative procedures that existed in the administration, and after months of deepening and technical work, new urban and legal reports have finally been submitted that have concluded in the declaration of imminent ruin of the property.”

With this meeting, convened two weeks in advance, the government wants to continue taking necessary steps that are administratively required to offer maximum legal certainty to the process developed in order to comply with current legislation, while giving the necessary impetus so that “ the processing has the effects that all Puerto Rican citizens deserve”.

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