La Laguna approves an extraordinary offer of public employment, with 243 places

The Government Board of La Laguna has approved this Tuesday the extraordinary offer of public employment that affects 243 jobs belonging to the staff of the City Council, the Autonomous Organization of Musical Activities (OAAM), the Urban Planning Management and the Autonomous Organization of Sports (OAD) in accordance with the process of stabilization and consolidation of temporary employment regulated by Law 20/2021, of urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment.

A Canarian municipality, the fifth with the highest unemployment rate in the entire country

A Canarian municipality, the fifth with the highest unemployment rate in the entire country

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Of the 243 positions that will be affected by this measure, 177 correspond to the staff of the City Council itself, 75 of which are interim civil servant positions and 102, labor positions, the local government has specified in a statement.

The largest number of positions corresponds to administrative assistants and social workers, but there are also technical personnel, special administration technicians, officials, guards or tourism informants, among others.

In the Urban Planning Management, the places offered correspond to 49 interim and 4 labor, including technical architects, architects, general administration technicians and administrative assistants.

The OAAM has three posts for interim civil servants and nine for employees, mostly for teachers in their different musical specialties. And finally, the Autonomous Sports Organization offers a place for labor personnel.

According to the City Council, the law establishes the date of June 1 as the deadline for the publication of this extraordinary offer of public employment in the BOC.

For this reason, adds the Consistory, from now on the work tables must be established to prepare the bases of the calls for the selective processes and publish them before the end of the year, so that they can be carried out during the year 2023 and that everything the process is completed in 2024, at the latest.

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