Intersindical Canaria denounces the “saturation” in the Hospital de La Candelaria: “The UVI is full”

Intersindical Canaria (IC) has denounced this Friday the “inability” of the Canary Health Service (SCS) to provide a solution to “care saturation” of the Hospital de La Candelaria, in Tenerife, given the increase in cases by COVID-19 .

More than 2,200 toilets are on leave due to COVID in the Canary Islands

More than 2,200 toilets are on leave due to COVID in the Canary Islands

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In a statement, the union indicates that this pressure is causing “fatigue” and “tiredness” to professionals and means that the hospital sees its care capacity diminished by being forced to suspend non-urgent surgical activity and delay or postpone consultations and ordinary tests.

It figures at six the hospitalization units “practically occupied” by patients with COVID and “a full ICU”, which forces the use of the Post-Surgical Recovery Unit to care for critical patients, which “forces much of the surgical activity to be paralyzed scheduled”.

Added to this problem, indicates IC, is the work on the new ER building which, “although it is a demand that has been requested for decades, is not acceptable” that the current works “reduce the current space” to care for patients and “make it difficult for professionals to carry out their work”.

This work, the union abounds, causes “unfeasible situations”, such as the fact that “children and pregnant women circulate through corridors with crowds of patients in corridors, through the door of the unemployment room, which is inadmissible.”

IC criticizes that Health has not been able to “foresee a situation like this in a hospital that is essential for the population of Tenerife.”

“As if that wasn’t enough” all of this, IC points out, is added to the occupation of 90 hospital beds by socio-sanitary patients with administrative discharge “waiting for the Government of the Canary Islands to find resources to refer them to, which is inadmissible given that this hospital is in the current situation”.

Intersindical questions that socio-sanitary patients are not referred to concerted clinics or alternatives are sought to install infrastructures, “whether in centers, hotels or wherever feasible, two years after the start of this pandemic.”

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