this will be the tour of the Three Kings through Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Three Wise Men from the East will return the magic and illusion to Santa Cruz de Tenerife who will arrive, one more year, by helicopter at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López Stadium. Due to sanitary restrictions, the reception show ‘Las Fálerías de Babayán’ will be closed to the public and will be broadcast on Canary TV from 5:00 p.m.

‘The Babayán Factories’ has as its plot the hidden toy factory in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where Zenda, Balto and the rest of the characters prepare the gifts that the Three Wise Men will distribute on the night of January 5. Everything seems to be working well, until a shadow will endanger the arrival of their majesties.

Once the Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez and the Party Councilor, Alfonso Cabello, welcome the three Three Wise Men and hand over the magic key that opens all the homes in the municipality, five delegates will be launched real that will cross the main streets and avenues of all the districts.

Royal Entourages

Starting at 6:00 p.m., five royal groups will tour the main streets and avenues of Santa Cruz. The tours of the Centro-Ifara, Salud-La Salle, Ofra-Costa Sur and Southwest districts will consist of three floats decorated with lighting and music from which Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will greet the people who congregate on the tour . The convoy closes with a truck loaded with gifts.

Given the special characteristics of the Anaga Massif, the Three Wise Men will visit the different towns, neighborhoods and hamlets in a convertible minibus, which will also be accompanied by a truck full of gifts.

The routes of each of the delegates will be communicated on the social networks of the Autonomous Organization of Parties and Recreational Activities (OAFAR), as well as on the website, where people with Android mobile devices will be able to follow the route through tracking that will allow them to geolocate the exact position of the floats on the city map.

The extensive route and the location of the five delegates by mobile devices has been proposed by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council to avoid crowds. In addition, the low speed at which the floats will advance will allow the access to greet the Three Kings to be planned in an orderly manner.

In the presentation of the acts, the mayor pointed out the differences between the groups this year and those of the past “in which this year we went from four to five groups, without a curfew, with which the pace will be slower like the Traditional Parade and they will go through the main streets and avenues of the five districts ”.

For his part, the Councilor for Festivities, Alfonso Cabello, highlighted as a novelty and so that there are no long waits or crowds, “the implementation of a system so that families can follow in real time in which points the royal groups are. ”.


San Francisco de Paula road with Lezcano street – Zapatera – Frangollo – Mollero – 122 – Zapatera – San Francisco de Paula road – El Sobradillo road towards Los Majuelos Avenue – Snowman roundabout – Los Majuelos Avenue – La Gomera roundabout – Trebol – Campanilla – La Gallega – Altamira – Bambú – Av. Los Majuelos -Avenida Cercado Corazón – Avenida de las Hespérides – La Pintadera – Las Loas – General del Sur Highway – El Sobradillo Highway – Ciprés – El Sobradillo Highway – General del South – Part Roads – General South Highway – Tablero Highway – Castaño Street – Petunia Street – Aspérula Extension – Tablero Highway – General South Highway – El Siroco Street – Punta del Drago Street – Punta las Coloradas – Punta de la Vista – Highway Bridge – Añaza Avenue – Gabino Jimenez – Abora – Acorán Rambla de Añaza – Consular Dean Jesus Ramos – Luis Braille – Luis Celso García Guadalupe Avenue – Rambla de Añaza (change of direction gone roundabout) – Rambla de Añaza – Avenida Luis Celso García Guadalupe.


Madrid Avenue – Belgium Avenue – San Sebastián Avenue – Ntra. Sra. Africa Market Roundabout – José Manuel Guimerá – Tres de Mayo Avenue – Benito Pérez Armas Avenue – Reyes Católicos Avenue – Asunción Avenue – Santa Cruz Avenue – Carlos JR Hamilton – Gáldar – José de Zárate y Penichet – Francisco La Roche Avenue – La Constitución Avenue – Manuel Hermoso Rojas Avenue – Mayor José Emilio García Gómez – La Salle Avenue – Galcerán – Méndez Núñez – El Pilar – Villalba Hervás – La Marina – Republic of Honduras – Av. Francisco La Roche – Av. Jose Martí – Carretera Tahodio.


Vistabella Viewpoint – Santa Cruz La Laguna Road – Guezala Bignory –Elías Bacallado – Princes of Spain Avenue – General del Rosario Road –Rotonda Las Moraditas – General del Rosario Road – Mayor García Ramos – Argentine Republic – Panama – Argentine Republic – Plaza de los Practitioners – Mayor García Ramos – Mayor Mandillo-Tejera – Avenida Ángel Romero – Pedro Suárez Hernández – (double loop: Avenida Príncipes de España – General del Rosario Highway – Las Moraditas Highway – General del Rosario Highway – Mayor García Ramos – Argentine Republic – Panama – Argentine Republic – Plaza de los Practicantes – Mayor García Ramos – Mayor Mandillo-Tejera – Avenida Ángel Romero – Pedro Suárez Hernández) – Avenida Príncipes de España – Carretera General del Rosario.


Start in Los Campitos – Rubén Marichal López – Avenida 25 de Julio – Enrique Wolfson – Horacio Nelson – Salamanca – Bishop Pérez Cáceres – Javier del Loño Bridge – Princesa Guayarmina – Benahoare – Mencey Bencomo – José Fompertius – Vía Cornisa – Buenavista – Arona – Granadilla – San Juan de la Rambla – Icod – Avenida de Venezuela – Benito Pérez Armas – Avenida de Madrid – Avenida de Belgium – Avenida Islas Canarias – Ascent Cuesta de Piedra – Las Cañadas – Jose Luis de Miranda – Juan de Aguilar – Eladio Roca and Salazar – Ascent of Cuesta Piedra – Avenida Islas Canarias – Benito Pérez Armas – Comodoro Rolín (End).


Taborno – and continuing on the TF-138 towards Roque Negro – Afur – Casas de la Cumbre – Taganana – Almáciga – San Andrés – El Suculum – Igueste San Andrés – Cueva Bermeja – María Jiménez – Valleseco.

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