The exhibition dedicated to the migrants who were in Las Raices dawns with their shattered images

The International Festival of Travel and Adventure Literature of Puerto de la Cruz (Periplo) has wanted to express its deepest rejection of the acts of hatred that occurred early this Wednesday against the street exhibition The roots, which has been shown since last Monday in the Plaza de la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia and which was already exhibited in the streets of the municipalities of Buenavista and La Orotava a few weeks ago. The exhibition shares close-up portraits of different migrant people, when they were in the provisional camp of Las Raíces in the municipality of La Laguna, inviting reflection on migratory phenomena and the rights of these people to travel to other countries to seek a future with more and better opportunities. However, these images have been destroyed.

The area of ​​Culture organizing the Periplo Festival, together with the authors of the exhibition, Luz Sosa Contreras and Paula Fernández Hernández, have agreed to keep the exhibition on the street “as a vindication of a struggle and a work of awareness that is more justified than never and that it has to continue in the search for a tolerant, supportive and open society as it has always been throughout the centuries Puerto de la Cruz “.

From the Portuense City Council they influence that this type of hateful acts “only require redoubling efforts so that society recovers spaces for dialogue and reflection in the face of a reality as harsh as migration is for so many people in the world and where the Canary Islands play a leading role which has to be that of welcoming, understanding and solidarity, demanding that the public powers respect the human rights of these people at all times “.

Precisely this Wednesday the authors of the exhibition have accompanied schoolchildren on a guided visit to the exhibition, explaining with names and surnames the lives of these migrants.

From the organization of the Periplo Festival -the Puerto de la Cruz City Council through the Culture area and the citizen platform Co-Mando Periplo- a concentration on the photographic and narrative exhibition on signal has been convened this Wednesday, at 5:00 p.m. of rejection of this type of hateful acts and in support of those responsible for the exhibition.

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