The Prosecutor’s Office asks a man for ten years in prison for suffocating and sexually assaulting his partner in Tenerife

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife asks for ten years in prison for a man for suffocating and sexually assaulting his girlfriend in her own home, according to the summary of the car.

The events, constituting an alleged crime of sexual assault, occurred in November of last year when the young man introduced his partner into the room against her will and after suffocating her at first, he tightly grabbed her by the hair, removed the clothes and sexually assaulted her despite her opposition and cries for help.

After the call from one of the roommates, police officers appeared at the house and, after appreciating the woman’s condition, detained the man. The victim had abrasions on the genitals and anus that healed in six days after a first health care without impediment or sequelae.

The Prosecutor’s Office also requests the payment of 6,000 euros to the victim as compensation, ten years of probation and five years of prohibition from approaching the victim within 500 meters.

The trial is held this Wednesday, starting at 10:00 am, in the fifth section of the Provincial Court.

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