This is how the Police found a middle-aged man and woman after being robbed in Tenerife

A middle-aged man and woman were victims of a violent robbery on September 8 on a street in Adeje (Tenerife). The agents of the Citizen Security Brigade of the National Police Station of South Tenerife arrived at the scene and found the couple lying on the ground, both shocked and bleeding, for which they notified the health services, who transferred them to the hospital .

The alleged perpetrators have already been detained by the National Police. They are two men, 33 and 34 years old, with police records, one of them with a valid arrest warrant issued by a court in Ibiza.

The Police have reported that they received an alert about a violent robbery that was taking place on Avenida Eugenia Domínguez Alonso in Adeje. According to witnesses, after hitting the couple with blunt objects, the alleged perpetrators of the violent robbery ran away and tried to hide in a nearby building.

The agents followed in their footsteps, detained them and recovered part of the stolen effects, which were returned to the couple.

The two detainees were turned over to the competent judicial authority.

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