Man Sentenced to 90 Days of Community Work for Abusing and Holding Partner in La Laguna

The Court of Violence against Women number 2 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has handed down a sentence requiring a man to perform 90 days of community work for the offences of threats and coercion related to gender violence against his partner, who reported being held captive for a month and sought help by throwing notes into the street.

This sentence includes a restraining order against the defendant, prohibiting contact with the woman for eight months following his conviction.

According to the inspector’s statement on the official Local Police of La Laguna social media account, he received notes at his residence requesting help from another individual.

Upon receiving the alert, several police cars went to the scene, confirming the neighbour’s report. The officers then assisted the victim, who was accompanied by a man claiming that everything was fine.

However, the woman informed the police that she had been confined to the house for over a month since her arrival from Cuba. She stated that the man had confiscated her passport and subjected her to repeated mistreatment. After verifying the information, the police arrested the man, and the woman received medical attention at the Tejina Health Center.

The trial concluded with the aforementioned penalties, with the court recognizing that the couple had an altercation between May 9 and 10, during which the man threatened her. Furthermore, on June 7, he forcibly took her out of bed and onto the street to assert his control over her.

If you are aware of any cases of gender-based violence, please contact 016 or the Assaulted Women’s Helpline in the Canary Islands at 1-1-2.

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