Arico Appeals for Assistance in Algae Cleanup after Two Unsuccessful Requests to Tenerife Cabildo

On Monday, Arico City Council sought aid in clearing the sargassum buildup on Punta de Abona beach, after having previously made two unsuccessful appeals to Tenerife Cabildo. They emphasized that intergovernmental cooperation is “vital.”

The town council of Arico highlighted the recent significant influx of sargassum at Punta de Abona beach, further exacerbating the situation by turning it into a black spot due to the presence of microplastics.

Cleaning has been unattainable thus far due to the continuous arrival of these algae. However, the Arico City Council assured that they will clean the beach when the situation changes.

Additionally, they have reached out to the Natural Environment, Sustainability, Security, and Emergencies department of Tenerife Cabildo twice to request assistance in removing and disposing of sargassum properly, emphasizing the need to transfer it to an authorized waste management facility rather than an environmental complex.

The Department of Ecological Transition and Energy encouraged Arico City Council to seek support from the Cabildo for enhanced sargassum removal and management services. However, the council stated that there has been no response from the insular corporation.

Arico stresses that it is a highly cooperative municipality within Tenerife, hosting the environmental complex, and has only requested collaboration from the Cabildo’s Environment department within the scope of their responsibilities.

Emphasizing the “essential” need for cooperation between various administrations to address environmental protection challenges, the City Council reiterated that the removal of sargassum at Punta de Abona beach is a prime example of how “intergovernmental collaboration can truly make a difference.”

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