The Municipality of Granadilla in Tenerife to Seize Unfinished Buildings for Affordable Housing Conversion

Granadilla municipality, located in the southern part of Tenerife, has unveiled a set of measures to address the housing shortage it is facing. This issue extends across the entire island, predominantly affecting the south, where a considerable amount of land is designated for tourism. One of the proposed solutions involves expropriating incomplete buildings whose owners are unwilling to complete the constructions, with the intention of transforming them into residential units.

Mayor Jennifer Miranda convened a meeting on Friday with technical experts and officials in the planning, community well-being, and urban development sectors to outline the short and medium-term strategic plan that the local government will implement to boost the availability of public housing at affordable rates.

The City Council highlighted that the scarcity of public housing, coupled with the significant surge in rental prices, is “a major concern for the residents of this southern township.”

Mayor’s administration considers expanding public housing in Granadilla de Abona as one of its “core objectives” for the current term. “Housing is a top priority for our administration, which is why this initiative complements other efforts such as the allocation of over 3,000 square meters of land to the Canary Housing Institute or the unblocking of 294 residences in Los Hinojeros, which will be rented out by their current owners at reasonable rates.”

According to the council, this approach involves two main actions: firstly, pinpointing public lands suitable for conversion into residential areas for public housing. Secondly, creating a registry of under-construction buildings to urge their completion by identifying the owners; in cases where completion is not undertaken, initiating expropriation procedures to transfer ownership to the municipality, followed by their refurbishment for use as public housing.

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