Water Usage Limited in Fasnia, Tenerife Municipality

The municipality of Fasnia in Tenerife has issued a notice on Thursday imposing restrictions on water consumption. This decision was made in light of the “scarcity of water resources” exacerbated by the unusual weather conditions in the Canary Islands in recent months, as stated by the mayor, Javier González, in the notice. The aim is to “ensure the supply of drinking water to all residents.”

In order to protect the current reserve of this essential resource for citizens and the primary sector, the city council has implemented the following measures:

  • Car washing is banned except at petrol stations.
  • Facade washing is prohibited.
  • Filling pools, ponds, reservoirs, or tanks is not allowed.
  • Beach showers are prohibited.
  • Drinking water cannot be used for irrigation.
  • Installation of new pond water meters is prohibited.

The council emphasizes that “Tenerife and the agricultural sector have officially declared a water emergency due to severe drought on the island in the upcoming days, with an assessment made for the summer.” It is described as “a very critical situation for the summer season,” noting that water levels in ponds should ideally be at 72% capacity at this time but are only at 39%.

The Tenerife Cabildo, which is set to declare a water emergency on the island on Friday, March 1, stated in the motion that CC and PP will present at the plenary session to urge the Water Consortium to start procedures for a “possible water emergency” and to discuss “viable” measures to ensure the water supply.

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