Investigation Underway for 70 Kilos of Copper Theft at Tenerife Industrial Estate

Officials from the Civil Guard of Santa Cruz de Tenerife are conducting inquiries into three men, aged 54, 37, and 28, suspected of stealing 70 kilos of copper from the Polígono de la Campana industrial estate in El Rosario.

According to a statement by the law enforcement agency, several officers were undertaking preventive work in the industrial area when they observed the suspects near a construction site and noticed their seemingly suspicious behaviour.

“Upon witnessing the three men attempting to discard a sports bag, they decided to question them for identification and ascertain the purpose of their presence in the area, as well as to ensure they were not concealing anything,” stated the Civil Guard.

Subsequent to the identification process, the officers conducted a cursory search of their possessions and discovered “a significant quantity of copper cable” inside the sports bag they were about to abandon.

The officers confirmed that the stolen copper cable found in the bag had been taken from the construction site where the suspects were loitering.

Further actions are underway as the investigation into the theft of 70 kilos of copper continues in the Tenerife industrial estate.

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