The device for extinguishing the fire in a composting plant in Tenerife continues working three days later

A fire department and a 1-1-2 helicopter continue working three days later on the fire at a composting plant in Tenerife.

The fire that affects the compound of the composting plant located in Parque La Reina has spread through more than 100,000 tons of plant material, so the smoke generated has no toxic characteristics.

The fire is stable after a “very spectacular” start, but it was contained within the property and since it was contained within the perimeter, the risk of the flames spreading to the outside was avoided. Sources of the device explained this Saturday to the Efe agency.

The helicopter of the Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) of the Government of the Canary Islands carried out 63 water discharges in the area this Saturday, according to information provided by the Emergency and Security Coordinating Center 112.

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