Santa Cruz de Tenerife now announces that it will authorize two scooter companies to operate in the city at the end of the month

The Santa Cruz City Council now announces that it will authorize two scooter companies to operate in the city at the end of the month. The capital of Tenerife has become a veritable cemetery of scooters, that are scattered on public roads.

The CSIF union delegate at the City Hall He denounced this Tuesday to this newspaper that “it is not operational” that tow truck drivers and local police officers are constantly in charge of “moving scooters to the warehouse.”

This Wednesday, the Councilor for Mobility, Evelyn Alonso, assured that at the end of this month the two scooter companies that will be granted temporary use of the municipal public domain will be authorized. The mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, adds in a statement that these “must comply with the bases of the regulation for these personal mobility vehicles (VMP), in order to guarantee that they offer a quality service to users, as well as avoid problems. of overexploitation or incorrect exploitation of the public domain, and/or possible inconvenience to citizens.”

According to the City Council, “the maximum number of scooters will be 1,292 units, distributed throughout the five districts and in number of parking spaces, which in Anaga will have nine parking spaces for 48 scooters; Centro-Ifara, 63 seats and 448 scooters; in Ofra-Costa Sur, 43 places and 172 VMP; in Salud-La Salle, 67 and 392, while in the Southwest, there are 58 places and 232 VMP” and adds that “in addition to the fee of 20,000 euros for the use of the public domain being contemplated for each of the two companies and the deposit of a guarantee of 50 euros for each of the scooters.”

Furthermore, he insists that when appointing the two companies, the obligation to have contracted an insurance policy that covers all possible damages that could arise from the operation of the electric scooter service has been taken into account, both for people users of this as well as for other users of public roads and third parties in general, as well as public or private property. The insurance will have a minimum coverage of 300,000 euros.

Evelyn Alonso maintains that among the criteria for granting the authorization, “the technological solution offered by the interested company to minimize the possibility of improper parking among its users” will be assessed and adds that “at the same time it will have a special impact on the authorization.” “the solution offered to minimize the possibility of riding on sidewalks and in prohibited areas, in addition to making its users aware of the regulations and basic criteria for safe circulation on electric scooters, as well as the municipal regulations on this matter.”

The councilor indicates in that same statement that “the Linux company, which until now operated with electric scooters in this city, informed this council of its global decision not to continue with the aforementioned exploitation” and places special emphasis on remembering that “in the “In the same communication, the aforementioned company added that it would proceed to withdraw the entire fleet of personal mobility vehicles from the entire municipality in these weeks.”

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