Visocan limits the execution of evictions in Añaza to 18 cases due to illegal activities or coexistence problems

The public company Visocan has committed to modify the communication of the notices of eviction to the residents of 358 homes in Anaza, so that releases due to non-payments will not continue except those motivated by the development of allegedly illicit activities within them or by “serious problems” of coexistence. There are, specifically, 18 cases in which Visocan will initiate the judicial eviction procedure, reports the Santa Cruz City Council it’s a statement.

The change in communications to those affected has been transferred by the CEO of Visocan, Agustín Fernández, to the mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, the first deputy mayor, Carlos Tarife, the councilors of Social Action and Housing, Rosario González and Belén Mesa, and the Southwest councilor, Javier Rivero.

Rosario González values ​​that this new communication formula with the affected people is “more assertive” and they will also be offered different installments of the pending payments to Visocan.

In addition, it announces that the NGO that had been carrying out an intervention project with the residents of these homes in Añaza for two years will resume these efforts, which were suspended last June at the end of the service, with the news that it will have an office in the neighborhood, to offer individualized attention.

The Santa Cruz City Council also reports that the Municipal Institute of Social Care (IMAS) will look for “the best formula” with the residents so that, based on their savings capacity, the payment of the entire annuity to Visocan is guaranteed in the in case they pay their rent through the Social Care Economic Benefits (PEAS) of the local corporation.

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