Jonathan Domínguez considers the PSOE-CC pact in La Laguna “on track” and disassociates it from his arrival in the Canary Islands Government

The former spokesperson of Canarian Coalition (CC) in the City Council of The lagoon and new Deputy Minister of Communication of the Government of the Canary Islands, Jonathan Domínguez, said this Tuesday that the Government pact between PSOE and CC in the council is “on track” in order to give “moderate stability” to the municipality.

In an interview given to Spanish National Radio, he dissociated the future agreement from his departure from the City Council given that the PSOE has not set “any conditions” to co-govern and they are the “first surprised” that he has made the leap to the Executive.

He has assumed, however, that his departure will be “associated” with the pact “but it is not directly related” given that after the elections on May 28 he had decided to continue in the City Council because it was his “duty and obligation” to represent to the opposition party after having been the candidate for Mayor.

In fact, he has indicated that as a result of the electoral results, they understood that a ‘left-wing pact’ would be signed again in the city despite the fact that it was not “the best” for the citizens and now the door is open to the signing of “broad and strong agreements” for the general interests of citizens.

Along these lines, he has pointed out that in July, given that the PSOE had decided to govern as a minority, they offered a possible agreement to give stability to the city and the PSOE saw it favorably but the call for the General Elections paralyzed the negotiations.

Domínguez has indicated that his party is “willing” to take the step of being part of the municipal government and in his specific case he assumes the guidelines of the party to sign the agreement “that is best for the interests of the Laguneros.”

In any case, he has specified that “leaving today does not mean that he cannot return” because he is going to continue ‘doing politics’ from La Laguna but he does not hide that he is closing a stage after 16 years in the City Council in which he has gone through “all the stops.” ”.

“I’m not too sorry, I already governed,” he noted, although he understands that in politics everything is “cyclical” and that these are stages that “enrich” from a personal point of view.

For this reason, he pointed out that he faces his new responsibility in the Government of the Canary Islands with “a lot of enthusiasm and great desire.” “I take it tremendously, I want to learn and train, I have to do my best,” he indicated in reference to the specifications, regulations and procedures of his position.

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