Housekeepers take to the streets in Tenerife for their rights: ”Workers, not slaves”

The floor maids They took to the streets this Thursday to fight for their rights. Dozens of women have demonstrated in Tenerife this November 9 at the intersection of Santiago Puig Avenue and Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta de Arona Street. ”Our rights are not negotiated” or ”Workers, not slaves” are some of the slogans that have been heard.

“This is the perfect time to go out into the streets and find out what is happening,” said Kellys Unión Tenerife. “Let nothing and no one prohibit us from fighting for our rights,” they add.

The workers recalled this Thursday that their struggle was born several years ago and that the group has gone to Brussels and Moncloa to show their conditions to the then President of the Government Mariano Rajoy. “We make it clear that today we are worse than when we started fighting,” they say. “We are a feminized and precarious group and composed mostly of single-parent women,” they have indicated.

The housekeepers have reactivated their fight in recent months, as they denounce that conditions have worsened after the pandemic. On the island of Tenerife, both the employers and the professionals themselves explain that there is a lack of staff, which leads to them being overloaded, especially at times when hotel occupancy reaches 90%.

The Kellys reproached the words of the president of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife hotel association, Jorge Marichal, who precisely spoke in a local media, The day, about the lack of maids, focusing on “absenteeism” and emphasizing that “control” must be carried out on these casualties as well as facilitating the hiring of foreign people.

Furthermore, last August the workers were shocked by the death of a worker in a hotel in the south of Tenerife. The establishment notes that the medical examiner concluded the cause of death as “natural death,” since he suffered a heart condition early in the morning. She was an ETT employee who had been in that complex for a few days.

Kellys associations and unions then showed their condolences on social networks. The group has once again recalled the overload and precariousness to which they are subjected and CCOO highlighted that “the death of this colleague occurred while working in an ETT, within a center in Tenerife where outsourcing is prohibited.”

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