Pedro Martín demands that the president of the Cabildo promote the roads of Tenerife “so that the money is not lost”

The president of the socialist group in the Cabildo of Tenerife, Pedro Martindemands the president of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Rosa Davilawhich promotes Tenerife roads so that the money allocated to road works by the Government of the Canary Islands is used to solve, once and for all, the historical problem of roads on the island of Tenerife.

Martín insists that to end traffic jams, both on TF-1 and TF-5, the pending works planned by the previous PSOE government must be completed. Specifically, Pedro Martín highlights the importance of promoting projects such as the La Laguna Ring Road, finishing the work of Padre Anchieta or the section of the Insular Ring between San Juan de la Rambla and Icod, which would resolve a large part of the queues that form in the TF-5 every morning.

“The important thing,” for Pedro Martín, “is that the works that have layout and execution projects, with public information already carried out and with an environmental evaluation are a reality, since the lack of leadership of Rosa Dávila before the Government of the Canary Islands It makes them paralyzed.” This is the case of the Erjos Tunnel; the section of the Insular Ring between San Juan de La Rambla and Icod de Los Vinos; the La Laguna Beltway; the Chafiras-Oroteanda connection or the Fañabé-Las Américas section.

This demand was presented by Pedro Martín in the Extraordinary Plenary Session that took place this Friday, at the request of the socialist group, so that the president could explain the result of her electoral promise to end the queues in Tenerife in less than 90 days. “More than 100 days have passed and the queues remain the same or worse, although the president has said that she has the perception that they are going better,” highlights Pedro Martín.

In this plenary session, Martín asked the vice president of the Cabildo, Lope Afonso, to, given the president’s lack of interest, “lead this matter so that the money for Tenerife’s roads is not lost, because you do suffer the queues of the TF-5”.

The president of the socialist group is pleased that the president wants to move forward with the Mobility Plan designed by the previous team and that she “exhibits as an achievement” the purchase of new buses, also purchased in the previous stage; or the expansion of the driver workforce, which was also carried out by the previous Government; But he fears that the lack of interest of the president of the Cabildo will mean that the road money, which should reach Tenerife, “will end up on another island where its presidents are less immobile.”

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