The Tenerife fire has the entire perimeter consolidated

The fire in Tenerife has the entire perimeter consolidated, according to the latest information released by the Directorate of the Canary Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Attention for Forest Fires (INFOCA), although reactivations continue to occur within the perimeter area and many points remain hot, especially in the northern zone of the affected area. The fire It has been stabilized since last Thursday afternoonwhich means that it evolves within the established control lines and that the extinction tasks are directed towards control.

The Tenerife Forestry Brigade rescues two puppies in the area of ​​the fire

The Tenerife Forestry Brigade rescues two puppies in the area of ​​the fire


The latest figures offered by the Canarian Government put the affected hectares at 14,624 in a 90-kilometre perimeter. On the other hand, the Copernicus program has calculated that The burned hectares amount at the moment to 10,957.

At this time, there are no active fronts at any point, although there is a lot of smoke in some areas as a result of the reactivations. The most complicated is the one that has occurred in La Hornaca, in Tacoronte, where hard work has been going on in recent days, which has caused the smoke to move towards the La Esperanza-La Laguna area due to the winds.

Hot spots in La Matanza, La Victoria, Santa Úrsula and the Valley of La Orotava

The extinguishing device is also working in the hot spots that are still in the municipalities of La Matanza, La Victoria, Santa Úrsula and the Valley of La Orotava. These points will decrease over the next few days as there are many media in the area working on them.

The Technical Department also insists on the importance of maintaining prudence during the weekend and recalled that in the municipalities affected by the fire It is not possible to access the mountain or carry out any type of activity in it. In this sense, he recalled that there is still a very important intervention operation operating in the area, so it is necessary to keep the roads clear so that they can act quickly if necessary.

The TF-24, TF-21 and Los Loros highways remain closed and all access to the forest crown, as well as the trails, continue to be closed to prevent the population from taking risks. Access to the emergency area that exceeds 14,000 hectares is also prohibited.

During this Friday, a ground unit of 195 troops and 16 aerial means are working in the area and throughout the day the de-escalation of the intervening means will be evaluated depending on the evolution of the fire. Since the start of the fire until yesterday, the air resources have made 6,591 discharges in different areas using a total of 11,970,900 liters of water.

The air quality continues to be regular to unfavorable in Los Realejos, La Orotava, Arafo and Candelaria due to the presence of particles, so the population is recommended to continue maintaining self-protection measures such as the use of FPP2 mask and closing windows especially.

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